Indulge in Luxury: Day Boat Charters at the Jumping International de Monte-Carlo

When the glamour of Monaco meets the equestrian elegance of the Jumping International de Monte-Carlo, the result is an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of luxury and sophistication. One of the most exquisite ways to enhance your visit to this prestigious event is by indulging in a day boat charter, a perfect blend of maritime adventure and high-society charm.

Experience Luxury: Day Boat Charters during the Monaco Grand Prix

Day boat charter during Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix isn’t just about the heart-pounding excitement of Formula 1 racing; it’s a symbol of opulence, glamour, and luxury. Amidst the buzzing atmosphere of this prestigious event, one experience stands out as the epitome of extravagance: day boat charters.


This contemporary masterpiece stands overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Eze sur Mer, situated between Nice and Monte Carlo, in one of the most desired locations of the French Riviera.