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Length: 12.50m / 41 ft


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    2 x 370

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    1 double + 1 twin



    *Skipper, towels and soft drinks included

    Half day 5 hours 2000€  | Full Day 8 hours 2950€

    Get ready for an unforgettable encounter with marine mammals in the PELAGOS SANCTUARY.

    Live an amazing Mediterranean experience watching: Dolphins, Fin whales, Sperm whales, Pilot whales …and other sea animals like Mobulas rays, turtles…

    Embankment : 8.30am for 5 or 8 hours offshore trip between 5 to 30 miles from shore looking for sea life

    1. 08:30 Departure from the coast to reach the heart of the Pelagos sanctuary.
    2. 09:30 Arrival offshore and start to observe marine mammals.
    3. 10:30 Take full advantage of the “Whale & Dolphins Watching Monaco” experience and capture as many images as possible.
    4. 12:00/15:00 Return to Monaco and last observations during the trip.
    5. 13:00:16:00 Arrival at the marina with tons of memories and images in your eyes.

    Do not forget your camera


    HALF DAY 5 HOURS 2000€ | FULL DAY 8 HOURS 2950€


    Originally called the International Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary (Ligurian Sea Sanctuary), what is now known as the Pelagos Sanctuary for Mediterranean Marine Mammals is a Marine Protected Area aimed at the protection of marine mammals (cetaceans). It covers an area of approximately 84,000 km², comprising the waters between Toulon (French Riviera), Capo Falcone (western Sardinia), Capo Ferro (eastern Sardinia) and Fosso Chiarone (Tuscany).

    The sanctuary is located in the Ligurian basin of the Mediterranean Sea. In this area all the cetaceans occurring in the Mediterranean can be found at regular intervals. It is believed to be th The sanctuary was established on 25 November 1999 and is the first (and currently the only) international / High Seas MPA in the world covering areas of the Mediterranean seas of France, Italy, and the Principality of Monaco

    To underline the importance of the sanctuary, it has been added to the Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI) list of the 1999 Barcelona Convention.

    Get more info about the sanctuary, click here.

    Departure from

    Monaco: +170€

    *All our prices are VAT included

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    Guests on board: 10
    From: 2140 € including fuel, skipper, towels, soft drinks, VAT, departure from Monaco
    Length: 15.50m / 51ft

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