Sailing & Regata

Cruises sailing or regattas : navigate simply by relaxing you, or manoeuver the helm and the sails under the control of skippers.

Sailing & Regata


Ballad at sea and / or sailing race on the Mediterranean Sea, in the bay of Monaco! Our skippers know how to give you a  moment of exceptional sailing experience.

Regatta : for everybody, no physical skills or special knowledge required. The regatta is a dynamic incentive tool and will give the whole team an unforgettable adrenalin rush. There is nothing better than a day at sea to develop a cohesion between the teams as a real crew.

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  • Sailboats

    Sailboats 12 to 15 m (10 people/boat), skipper included.

  • Duration

    1, 2 or 3 rounds to choose from, depending on the duration of the activity and customers on board.

  • Uniform

    Hats team colors, discount cups and medals, cocktail after the regatta.

  • Lunch

    Elegant Lunch box on board.

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Boats & yachts group

For a day at sea with several offshore lunch on a private beach and swimming in the open sea or a cruise on a luxury yacht with lunch on board. Unique.

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